Model Report

A model report is a summary of the predictions made by your model. A model report is auto-generated as soon as a prediction is made, and is composed of three main parts:
  • The first part is the "Top Fields" section, which displays the most important fields for making your prediction.
  • The second part is the "Prediction Quality" section, which displays information about how well your model performed during training and validation.
  • The third part is the "Sample Predictions" section, which displays the predictions made by your model.
When a predictive model is created, you can click “See Model Report” in the top-right, which gives you the aforementioned values in a dedicated link.
In the top-right of your model report, you also have a toggle to make it “Public” or “Private.” By default, the model report is private, but by setting it public, you can share the link for anyone to view, even if they don’t have an Akkio account.