Web App

Standalone Web App and iFrame options
Deploying via Web App is the fastest and easiest deployment solution, which is useful to instantly share a Flow with others. This can be created by hitting “Add Step” and then “Web App” after a predictive model is made.
You’ll see that there are a number of options to tweak your Web App, including:
  • Flow Step (Select a prediction or merge step to deploy).
  • Title (User-facing title for your web app).
  • Description (Optional user-facing description for your web app).
  • Select Fields (Select which fields to include).
  • Make Public (Allow anyone to access this app without requiring authentication—Yes or No).
  • Allow Bulk Upload (Allow users to make bulk predictions by uploading datasets in CSV format—Yes or No).
  • Show Probability (Show probabilities of categorical predictions in addition to the prediction itself—Yes or No).
Then under advanced options:
  • Remove Akkio Badge (Remove Akkio branding from the web deployment—Yes or No).
  • Backtest - Check how the model performs on your dataset by providing output values.
  • Top Predicted Classes - How many top predicted classes to return. This is only enabled for Categorical prediction.
When you’re done selecting the desired settings, simply hit “Deploy,” and you’ll get a URL to the live Web App.
The Web App will look something like this (with variations depending on the settings you’ve selected). A user simply inputs (or uploads) data and hits “Predict Fields” to get a predictio
You can update your deployment with new settings by hitting “Update Deployment,” or undeploy by hitting the three-dots icon and selecting “Undeploy.”

Model Health

Next to the Update Deployment button is a 'Model Health' button. This allows you to send notifications to an email of various status changes in the model.


When you hit “Deploy” for a web app, you’ll get a pop-up that includes the live app link, as well as an iFrame embed.
To access that pop-up again, and the included iFrame embed, simply click the “Show Deployment” button in the top-right of your Web App Flow step.
iFrame stands for “inline frame,” which is an HTML tag that can be embedded in any site. To give a super simple example, you can head to Google Sites to make a free website without any code, including the option for an HTML embed element, where you can paste the iFrame code to feature an Akkio model.
You can also embed iFrame elements in other website builders like WordPress, SquareSpace, Webflow, Bubble, and more.