Deploying via Web App is the fastest and easiest deployment solution, which is useful to instantly share a Flow with others. This can be created by hitting “Add Step” and then “Web App” after a predictive model is made.
You’ll see that there are a number of options to tweak your Web App, including:
  • Action Step (Select a prediction or merge step to deploy)
  • Title (User-facing title for your web app)
  • Description (Optional user-facing description for your web app)
  • Select Fields (Select which fields to include)
  • Make Public (Allow anyone to access this app without requiring authentication—Yes or No)
  • Allow Bulk Upload (Allow users to make bulk predictions by uploading datasets in CSV format—Yes or No)
  • Show Probability (Show probabilities of categorical predictions in addition to the prediction itself—Yes or No)
  • Remove Akkio Badge (Remove Akkio branding from the web deployment—Yes or No)
When you’re done selecting the desired settings, simply hit “Deploy,” and you’ll get a URL to the live Web App.
The Web App will look something like this (with variations depending on the settings you’ve selected). A user simply inputs (or uploads) data and hits “Predict Fields” to get a prediction.
You can update your deployment with new settings by hitting “Update Deployment,” or undeploy by hitting the three-dots icon and selecting “Undeploy.”